Health Records Department
PH: 807-468-9861 Ext: 2222
FAX: 807-468-4316


The Health Records department processes, collects and secures health information documented for every episode of care including day treatment and overnight stays.  Patient care is meticulously charted in the individual health record as legislated by the Public Hospitals Act and in keeping with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

Principle functions include:  maintenance of a complete, legible and accessible record for each episode of care; provision of a chart locator and retrieval system; provision of a medical transcription service; collection and submission of data required by the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI), a national database; release of information after care in compliance with legislation; resource in development of documentation best practices and forms design; medical Staff Committees resource and support; monitoring compliance with LWDH privacy practices; collection and distribution of monthly, quarterly, annual and adhoc statistics

Requesting your Health Information:

If you have been a patient at LWDH, you have the right to request your health information from the visit. There are a few different ways to request your information, choose whichever method is best for you.

  1. *NEW* Medchart - Electronically request your health information using a third-party portal called Medchart. Click the link below to access the portal (preferably using the Chrome browser) and complete the required forms. Once the authorization forms are complete, Health Records staff will receive the request and upload the information into the portal. You will receive an email notification when the information is available for you. Please allow up to 30 days (maximum) to process these requests. If you have used Medchart before, please use the same login information. 

    I am a patient or substitute decision maker – Click Here

    Third-party requests (law firms, insurance companies, etc.) can be made through the link below (preferably using a Chrome browser). Please complete the form and allow up to 30 days (maximum) for processing. You will receive an email once the records are available. If you have used Medchart before, please use the same login information.

    I am making a third-party request (legal office, insurance, etc.) – Click Here

  2. Fax requests - Please complete the request form or note the required information.

    Release of Information Request - Click Here.

    Consent to Disclose - Click Here.

    Required Information:
    - Your name and date of birth

    - If the request is not for your own records, provide the name and Date of Birth of the patient (if you are requesting records for someone else, please provide documentation that you have permission to receive them)
    - Phone number and return fax number (or mailing address if records are to be mailed)
    - Requested information (including date, specific chart information, any known info that will assist in gathering the correct documents)
    - Date you would like to receive the records
    Please allow up to 30 days (maximum) to receive your records.

  3. Phone requests - please call 807-468-9861 ext. 2218.

    For fax and phone requests, records can be picked up from the Health Records department in the hospital or mailed directly to you. If you are picking them up, you will be contacted when they are ready.



 How do I get records for a deceased family member?

  • You will need to submit a request that includes proof of executorship or signing authority. Health records staff may require more information before the request is processed.

How long will it take to get my records?

  • Records will be available within 30 days of your request.

Can I release my records to someone else?

  • If you choose to release your records to another individual or institution, you can complete the Consent to Disclose form which will provide the hospital with proper authorization to release your records.

Does the hospital have all my records?

  • The hospital maintains their records according to government legislation and corporation by-laws. Since records are not kept indefinitely, we may not have all of your records.


For more information about the safety of your personal health information, please visit our privacy page here